The Arnostov Village - history

Some interesting data from the history of Arnostov settlement:

  • 18th. Century - founding of the settlement
  • 1889 – saved a limestone statue of the Angel in front of the house No. 9
  • 1899 – the fire department was established
  • 1912-1913 – a pub + general store (today the pension) were built
  • 1916-1919 – the linden trees were planted along the road through the village
  • 1931 – ten of the houses have built the aqueduct from the source of the brook Zernoutky
  • 1944 - German troops assaulted the village
  • 50th years – the village electrified
  • 1957 – completed municipal water
  • 2008 - the association of friends of Peckov was established, with the aim to protect the landscape of Arnostov and surroundings
  • 2008 - the alley of fruit trees was planted along the road between Arnostov and Pecka
The small settlement Arnostov is situated at the southern end of the hill slope Krkonosska vyhlidka (532 m). Near the settlement is a gorge, through which the brook Zernoutka flows.

Arnostov was founded in the 18th century by Jan Arnost Schaffgottschem, freelance of Kynast and Greifensten (died in 1747) and was named on his honor Ernsdorf. The name was mentioned for the first time in historical documents in the year 1765.

After some time people changed the name to Anstorf. This name was used to the first half of the last century. The first inhabitants of settlement were Germans.

In 1910 Arnostov had 114 inhabitants and 25 houses. In 1921, residents were already all Czech nationality. Today there are 25 houses in Arnostov and in most cases the houses have been maintained in original condition.

The original residents of Arnostov were mostly small farmers. They were growing especially rye, oats and potatoes.

From the history of the region:

Archaeological findings suggest that the country was sparsely inhabited since ancient times. On the nearby hill called Valy today are residues of a large Slavic settlement. Near the village Vresnik archaeologists found the remains of the oldest agricultural settlement of the Slavs from the 7 - 8 century.

The reason for the establishing settlement in the area was probably discovering of the gold and silver in the upper reaches of the river Zlatnice. The gold has been mined since the 12th century practically for all time. With the development of precious metals mining it seems to be associated also construction of the castle Pecka. The owner of the castle was in 1621 Krystov Harant from Polzice and Bezdruzice. After his death, Albrecht of Valdstejn, the most famous person at that time, owned the castle.